• Synpac Limited Pouches made from composite films to provide good barrier properties which offer improved product shelf life.

  • Products

    • Pouches
  • Applications

    • Used in food industry to extend shelf life; and
    • preserve the quality and freshness of food products.
  • Contribution to Group Revenue£5.4m
  • Share of Group Revenue %7%

Synpac Limited

Established in 1984, Synpac Limited (“Synpac”) is an experienced manufacturer of flexible barrier packaging solutions serving both UK and international customers.

Synpac’s efficient production process and experienced team, enables the business to produce high quality products within short lead times and coupled with its product quality and reliability results in it being the leading provider in the UK for vacuum bags and pouches.

Technical Advice

Synpac is able to offer its customers’ technical advice on the type of bag and barrier film which will best suit their requirements. This knowledge has been built up over many years through servicing the food industry.


Synpac has a factory in Hessle, Yorkshire, where it specialises as a converter of barrier film into vacuum bags and pouches.


Synpac’s customers are typically processors of both food and non-food items, with food processors representing approximately two thirds of sales.

Synpac has a long standing customer base, with approximately 40% of customers having traded in excess of ten years.


Synpac uses a combination of polyamide (“PA”) and polyethylene (“PE”) film, along with other high barrier film structures to produce standard and specialised multi-layer high barrier packaging products.  By working closely with its customers, Synpac is able to effectively design, develop and manufacture bespoke packaging solutions to meet the exact needs of its customers.  These include products requiring oxygen and barrier protection, or resistance against cooking methods such as boiling, pasteurisation, or resistance against puncture.

Given the preservation and protective qualities of the film, the products are extremely versatile and used in a variety of food and non-food applications, including packaging for meat, fish, cheese, medical and engineering products.

Given the food application of the product, exceptional product quality is paramount at Synpac and they were one of the first packaging manufacturers in the UK to achieve the revised BRC standards, gaining Grade A status.  Synpac is also recognised as an approved supplier for many high street retail multiples including Asda, Harrods, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose.

Competitive advantages

Proven track record of quality manufacture

Synpac has operated in the industry for over thirty years. During that time, it has established a strong presence and reputation in the flexible plastic packaging industry as a premium quality manufacturer and the UK’s provider of choice. Synpac’s employs rigorous quality control procedures and has a philosophy of providing a first class product backed by first class service.

Experienced workforce

Synpac benefits from a highly motivated and experienced workforce. They are able to draw upon this knowledge and expertise to operate a highly efficient and profitable business.

Production schedule

Through efficient machine setup and production processes, Synpac is able to react quickly to deal with urgent customer requests ensuring delivery deadlines are achieved.

Diverse product offering

Synpac works closely with customers to design, develop and manufacture bespoke packaging solutions to meet their changing needs within short lead times. Synpac also holds stock pouches for immediate call off for customers.

Close working relationships with customers

Synpac has a well-established and loyal customer base, having traded with approximately 40% of customers for in excess of ten years, and benefits from a large proportion of repeat business.

Benefits of vacuum pouches

  • Used in food industry to extend shelf life and preserve the quality and freshness of food products
  • Puncture Resistant –  high tensile strength and improved elasticity protect the bag’s contents whilst maintaining good barrier properties
  • Cost savings through reduced thickness compared to other products


The flexible packaging market is buoyant, driven by a number of factors, such as high barrier protective qualities, brand enhancement and a shift in focus towards lightweight packaging solutions, including easy opening. The market is also being driven by customers whose key buying decision are determined not only on the product functionality and brand, but also the aesthetic presentation of the product.

Synpac’s ability to design bespoke products to suit the exact needs of customers together with its reputation ensures that it is well positioned to capitalise on the anticipated growth in the flexible packaging market.

Given the protection and preservation qualities of the product, Synpac naturally aligns itself to the food sector, with food legislation likely to play an important role in the development of the food packaging market.  All Synpac’s products adhere to the regulations of the EU and FDA Contact Regulations.


There are a number of competitors in the UK vacuum pouch and bag market. However Synpac’s converting capabilities are unique in the UK market and it maintains a leading position by being the only converter with sufficient critical mass and manufacturing capacity to deal with both the volume and diversity of product required by its customers.

The other competitors within this market buy in their vacuum pouch and bag from overseas suppliers so are not able to offer bespoke products on short-lead times to their customers.