• Palagan Limited Blown polythene films are used in high performance industrial and food packaging where high strength, tear and puncture resistance are critical requirements.

  • Products

    • High strength polyethylene film
  • Applications

    • Courier bags
    • Asbestos bags
    • Animal bedding bags
    • Food packaging
  • Contribution to Group Revenue£13.7m
  • Share of Group Revenue %18%

Palagan Limited

Palagan is a specialist manufacturer of high performance films for industrial packaging applications.  Films are developed for its customers’ operations and produced on highly efficient extrusion lines with in-line conversion and printing equipment.

Palagan focuses primarily on small and medium-sized UK customers with bespoke needs in terms of film strength, tear resistance, printing, surface finish and the like.

Palagan’s raw material blending skills and flexible in-line production capabilities enable it to fulfil a wide variety of product specifications for high performance films, cost effectively and with good delivery responsiveness.

Technical Advice

Palagan is able to offer technical advice to mid-market industrial companies thus enabling Palagan to manufacture bespoke solutions – be it a film, sacks and bags made to the customers’ exact requirements.


Palagan has a factory and warehouse in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, where it employs in-line automated production and finishing for one to three tonne run lengths.


Palagan targets mid-sized customers in specific market segments where it has established application expertise in animal feed and bedding, furniture, plastics products, recycling and courier.  Sales are made primarily in the UK through a direct field sales force.


Palagan’s products range from films, bags, liners, sheets and covers. The films are made from proprietary blends, although polyethylene is the major raw material used.

Palagan currently has over 11,000 specifications and designs unique material recipes to meet customers’ exact requirements.

Competitive advantages

  • Tailored service provided to mid-market industrial companies ­ bespoke films made for customers’ exact requirements
  • Delivery service and flexibility ­ its in-line automated production enables Palagan to react quickly to customer needs with a quick turnaround offering some of the shortest lead times in the industry
  • In-line production means cost effective production for one to three tonne run lengths
  • Direct sales with strong customer relationships

Benefits of Palagan’s films

Palagan specially blended raw materials give it leading films in terms of special barrier properties, seal strength, optical clarity, tear and puncture strength and finish.


Palagan operates in the non-standard niche end of the film packaging market, providing customised high volume solutions.

Palagan supplies to a diverse range of manufacturing and processing industries.  Market sectors include films and sacks for animal feed, bedding, furniture, asbestos removal and couriers.

Palagan is not dependent on any particular industry.


The UK films market is highly fragmented with a number of competing film manufacturers.