• Flexipol Packaging Limited Specialist sacks and bags are used primarily in the food industry by manufacturers and distributors to eliminate contamination risk and reduce costs.

  • Products

    • Speciality sacks, bags, liners and films
  • Applications

    • Food packaging
    • Animal feed bags
  • Contribution to Group Revenue£23.2m
  • Share of Group Revenue %30%

Flexipol Packaging Limited

Flexipol is one of the UK’s leading innovative packaging manufacturers for films and bags with special features addressing issues such as risk of contamination, cost reduction in the logistics chain and reduced entrapment of the customers’ products.

Flexipol focuses primarily on the food industry and so is well positioned for continued growth as the food market is projected to grow and the market trend within it is towards value-add products.

Technical Advice

Flexipol is able to offer technical advice to mid-market industrial companies and to manufacture bespoke solutions – be it a film, sacks and bags made to the customers’ exact requirements.


Flexipol has a factory and warehouse in Haslingden, Lancashire, where it employs blown-extrusion production, followed by converting, finishing and printing for small run lengths.


Flexipol targets customers in the end market segments of food and animal feed.  Sales are made primarily in the UK but approximately 20% of sales are exported primarily to Europe through established distributorships but also further afield to places such as Australia.


Flexipol’s products range from films, bags, liners sheets and covers.

  • Ripp’n’Flow 1+2 (Patented) ­-  a block bottomed sack which includes an easy opening system
  • Tear Ripp’n’Flow (Patented) ­- a double skinned Ripp’n’Flow Sack
  • Block Bottom Sacks ­ – a heavy duty sack with a square stand up bottom
  • Ripp’n’Take (Patented) ­ – a corrugated box replacement system
  • Block Bottom tray liners ­ – a  shaped tray liner developed to minimise polythene entrapment problems in frozen meat
  • Block Bottom dolavs ­ – a  pallet size version of the block bottom tray liner. This is stretched tightly over each corner of the dolav to prevent the liner being pulled down into the product during filling
  • Cooking Bags ­ –  produce 2 types. The first is manufactured from polyester and is used to cook chicken. The second is made from nylon co-extrusion and is used to cook rice and vegetables
  • Vac Bags ­ – produced from Flexipol’s 3 layer nylon co-extrusion and is widely used throughout the meat sector to increase product shelf life
  • Gas Flush Tray Liners ­ – produced from Flexipol’s 3 layer nylon co-extrusion and is used to increase product shelf life
  • Gas Flush Dolav Liner ­ – a pallet size version of the gas flush tray liner
  • High Barrier sacks ­ – produced from a 7 layer high barrier material. Used to pack products with high volatile oil content or high odour
  • Hygiene Pallet Covers ­ – a shaped tight fitting cover that fits over a wooden pallet. Used during the inversion process at some food factories as well as pallet top covers to keep the product dry
  • Wicketed bags ­ – supplied in low to medium volumes to customer using manual or semi-automatic packing methods
  • Eurobin Covers ­ – shaped cover which fits over Eurobins to keep food products clean and fresh

The films are made from proprietary blends, although polyethylene is the major raw material used.

The focus is on films with a size range from 250mm up to 2,500mm.

Competitive advantages

The products which Flexipol manufactures have many advantages:

  • Easy opening systems
  • Significant reduction of product entrapment through Flexipol’s method of sack and bag manufacture
  • Elimination of foreign body contamination through the patented easy opening systems.

Benefits of plastics bags and sacks

  • Reduction in packaging costs – plastics films are cheaper than the alternatives such as cardboard and paper
  • Offer better protection – higher puncture strength than the alternatives such as cardboard and paper
  • Fully recyclable


The plastics films and sacks market is highly fragmented with no one company having any significant share.

Flexipol targets the markets of food and animal feed where there is increasing consumption – underlying growth of between 3 and 5%, in addition to substitution growth:

  • H&S requirements are shifting demand towards value-added products, like Flexipol’s and away from traditional alternatives
  • EU regulation regarding materials allowed to come into contact with food is driving demand to Polyethylene plastic.


The UK films market is highly fragmented with a number of competitors.